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Three times in recent years I've joined an organization that was relatively new to Java development and missing some basic infrastructure elements that I'd relied on in previous development efforts. These elements include utility classes, standards and conventions, and build and quality control tools that help you produce a higher quality product with less risk. If you're involved in a development effort, whether it's new or ongoing, that's lacking any of these elements, you should consider incorporating them into your project infrastructure. Nuts and Bolts Some common utility software components should be incorporated into your development efforts as early as possible, because delaying their introduction may result in the proliferation of differing approaches that will need to be reworked later. Configuration Settings Access configuration settings via wrappers that... (more)

Hanged in a Fortnight?

Samuel Johnson said, "When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." While Sun's current situation may not be dire enough to be considered analogous to facing the hangman's rope, it is clear that economic distress is forcing Sun to change its mindset. Whether that change is a concentrating focus or a casting about for a lifeline is subject to debate. Now I won't speculate about the likelihood of Sun being acquired by IBM, HP, Dell, or anyone else, other than to say that Scott McNealy's egotism plus Sun's $5.7 billion cash reserve would... (more)

A New Year, a New Future

This is my last column as J2ME editor. A convergence of circumstances has made this an opportune time for me to sign off. With the January issue of JDJ the J2ME section will be merged into the enterprise section. This reflects, in my opinion, a truth that some of the greatest benefits of J2ME will be realized through its symbiosis with J2EE. While the general industry press frequently centers on J2ME's capabilities for game development, or such trifles as Christina Everywhere, I think that it is in the evolution of the mobile workforce that we'll see some of the most significant... (more)

A UI Framework for the MIDP Low-Level API

I recently had the opportunity to develop Java applications for Nextel's i85s cell phone, the first Java 2 Micro Edition-enabled cell phone in the U.S. In this article I describe some of the issues I encountered when developing the user interface and the framework I created to address those issues. The primary goals of this framework are to allow the development of custom components and to make it easy to assemble those components into screens. J2ME, CLDC, and MIDP The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) includes virtual machine and application program interface (API) specificat... (more)

Quality Is Job n?

At a training session I recently attended, a presenter mentioned that his cell phone crashes whenever he runs a simple MIDlet that he wrote. While it may have been inevitable that poor-quality environments would make it onto J2ME platforms, it's still distressing to see some J2ME development proceeding down the trail blazed by the megacorp in Redmond. Now I am not one of those who despise Microsoft. Microsoft is not inherently evil, and both good and bad have come out of it, as is true of just about any corporate entity. But I do feel that Microsoft's sins have been egregious in ... (more)